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Shipping & Delivery Timelines

We offer an industry leading shipping timelines for all our PCs. By keeping inventory for most parts and maintaining multiple suppliers, we are able to ship most PC orders in 3-4 days.

Between you clicking the final order confirmation button and the order reaching you doorstep, there are multiple steps involved. It is very much possible to assemble a PC within minutes but we complete these steps in a very thorough manner to ensure all expectations are met.

Custom Build Process

  • Parts Aggregation: Once we receive a confirmed order, we gather all the parts and verify that everything is in order before we start assembly

  • Assembly: We meticulously assemble the parts together, do a preliminary check for part failure and replace faulty parts at the outset

  • Testing: There is a lot of testing involved in ensuring you receive a PC that does not fail even in most demanding conditions

  • Verification: Final Tested builds are sent for quality checks where parts are verified once again as an additional surety measure

  • Packing: Our packing process is one the best in business and we want you to be relaxed when your PC is in transit. We also provide free transit insurance on ALL PCs we sell.

  • Shipping: We put every possible effort in selecting the most reliable courier partner for shipping. Do note that delivery estimates will vary based on both courier partner and your location. However, for most locations expedited shipping options may be available

  • Order Tracking and Delivery: Once your order is dispatched, we send you a confirmation email with the tracking details so that you can know when to expect your delivery. At this step, the carrier is solely responsible for delivery. Though most deliveries meet the deadlines, we will not issue refunds or discounts in case your order is delayed. Do not worry, we thrive on positive experience of customers and will do everything possible to make the delivery meet the schedule!

  • Order Processing: It can take a while for the confirmed order to reach us, even though you have done your bit by making the payment. This could be due to payment being blocked by your bank/credit card. There can be minor security flags due to which this may happen. Do get in touch with us if you do not receive an order confirmation email within 4 hours of your payment
  • Customization Requests: There are certain requests such a multiple OS configurations, parts customization which can increase the time and effort needed for testing/assembly. Most of the time even such things extend the shipping deadlines by maximum a day or two.
  • Bulk Orders: Our timelines are different for bulk orders. In our endeavor to provide best possible service to all our customers, we do not follow these timelines for bulk orders as it may impact the quality of service for other customers. We try to maintain high standards even when shipping bulk orders but usually it adds an additional day or two to the timelines depending on the size of the order.

Circumstances where timelines may increase

All timelines on our website are considered in business days. Holidays are excluded from all timelines.


Contact Us

If you have any further questions regarding your order or our delivery times, do contact us.

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